CGA Member Webinars

The CGA hosts periodic webinars for the membership covering a range of damage prevention topics and highlighting key program initiatives. Recent member webinar information and recordings are posted below for member access and download. 

CGA Presentations

CGA gives presentations at many events throughout the year. You can find the presentation files here for reference.

DIRT Reporting Webinar/Q&A - February 14, 2019

This webinar reviewed the DIRT submission process with DIRT Program Manager, Steve Blaney.  

Steve reviewed topics ranging from "how to navigate the DIRT Main Menu" to "how to avoid and correct common mistakes" .This webinar is a great opportunity for new and experienced DIRT users to refresh their submitting skills in advance of the March 31, 2019 deadline.

New Technologies Making Non Metallic Facilities Locatable without Tracer Wire Webinar - Oct 2, 2018

Denise M. Elliot of 3M introduced a new-to-the-world technology for locating nonmetallic facilities using passive resonant markers that can be installed in caution tape, rope, or directly to conduit. As more and more utilities are buried underground every year, the need for new technologies in locating is paramount to accurately identify buried facilities. This new technology will provide a number of benefits to improve public safety and reduce cost to facility owners, including: 

  • Increased locate accuracy will reduce facility damages 
  • Locate accuracy is not affected by congested utility ROW 
  • Reduced maintenance, cost of ownership 
  • Locating process is simplified, long term reliability is improved 
  • Not affected by breakage or corrosion

​Click here to view the video about Intrinsically Locatable Plastic Pipe.

DIRT Report - Results - Sept 27, 2018

CGA hosted a DIRT member webinar to review recent DIRT findings published in the DIRT Report for 2017. Also a high-level presentation and demonstration of the new DIRT Dashboard was followed by a Q&A session.

Using Data to Measure Progress - August 14, 2018

CGA hosted a webinar highlighting the importance of using data to measure progress and focus damage prevention efforts. The call included an update on the latest 811 awareness data and the importance of identifying where to focus your efforts. In addition, we provided a preview of the 2017 DIRT Report including how the new report and dashboard will display information in an impactful way. We also heard directly from Eric Swartley, Senior Manager Pipeline and Public Safety at UGI Utilities, on how UGI uses data to measure and improve their damage prevention programs.

CGA Gas Distribution Stakeholder Group Webinar - May 21, 2018

CGA held a Gas Distribution Stakeholder Webinar on May 21 at 1:00pm Eastern. CGA gas distribution director, Craig Hoeferlin and CGA President and CEO, Sarah Magruder Lyle provided an update on CGA initiatives and an overview of gas distribution participation. CGA members had the opportunity to engage in a Q&A with their stakeholder director representing them on the Board of Directors.

CGA Quarterly Member Webinar- March 15, 2018

CGA hosted our first 2018 State of the Business quarterly webinar. CGA President & CEO Sarah Magruder Lyle discussed the recently approved CGA Strategic Plan, highlights from the CGA Excavation Safety Conference & Expo and updates on what to expect in 2018. In addition, CGA staff provided an overview of plans for the quickly approaching National Safe Digging Month including tools and resources available to the CGA membership.

DIRT Field Form Webinar - September 28, 2017

CGA held a webinar on September 28th to review changes to the DIRT field form taking effect on January 1, 2018.  Topics covered included: 

  • Overview of field form changes
  • Timeline for new updates to be implemented
  • How to enter reports individually and by bulk upload (excel or csv)
  • DIRT Sandbox (test version) versus the "live" version
  • Where to find resources and support
DIRT Report Results Webinar - September 14, 2017

The CGA held a webinar to review recent DIRT findings published in the DIRT Report for 2016. Members of the Data Reporting & Evaluation Committee, CGA staff and consultants (FMI) provided a high-level presentation and demonstration of the DIRT Interactive Dashboard followed by a Q&A session.

Quarterly Member Webinar - September 9, 2017

President, Sarah Magruder Lyle and CGA staff provided an overview of recent progress with CGA's programs and initiatives. Updates included highlights from 8/11 day and the recently published DIRT Report as well as an overview of the technology survey and information on future collaborative efforts.

In addition, Gold Sponsor USIC was featured during the sponsor spotlight portion of the webinar and provided an update on how technology is supporting the locating industry.