Technology FAQs

Q: What types of technologies are reviewed?

A: The CGA technology program identifies new technologies from all parts of the damage prevention industry, from ticket management systems to locating equipment to trenchless excavation, and reports on its findings to the full CGA membership.

Q: How does the technology program share its findings?

A: In 2017, CGA published the first Technology Report detailing the state of current and emergent technologies available to the damage prevention industry.

Q: How can I contribute a new technology for consideration?

A:  Information can be submitted to the Technology Committee by completing our Technology Collection Form. We collect all of the information and consider using it in our annual Technology and Gaps in Underground Safety Report, or pass it on to another committee for review. 

Q: How can I learn more about the technology program?

A:  Learn more about the CGA Technology Program and get involved by clicking here.