Stakeholder Advocacy FAQs

What is the Stakeholder Advocacy program?
The Stakeholder Advocacy program provides resources to assist local advocates interested in strengthening damage prevention regulations based on CGA’s Best Practices. Members serving on this CGA committee have compiled and created case studies about successful legislative efforts, educational materials for elected officials and other decision makers, and other tools to help guide local efforts.

Does CGA advocate for specific regulations?
While CGA itself does not lobby or advocate for specific regulations at any level of government, CGA’s Best Practices are the consensus-based safety practices regarded as the industry-wide gold standard.

Where can I access materials to guide an advocacy effort in my area?
Advocacy resources compiled by the CGA are available to members and non-members on the Stakeholder Advocacy toolkit page here.

Will CGA help me lobby in my state?
No, the Stakeholder Advocacy program is meant to help guide local advocacy efforts, but the CGA is not involved in specific advocacy efforts.

How can I find out more about the Stakeholder Advocacy program or resources?
Click here to visit the Stakeholder Advocacy Program page to learn more and get involved.