Member Benefits & Structure

Membership in the CGA is open to all stakeholders with a genuine interest in reducing damages to the underground infrastructure. Several types of membership are available, and each new member is aligned with a specific stakeholder category. All stakeholder groups are represented by a Director on the CGA Board of Directors.   

Levels of Membership & Sponsorship

Annual membership dues and sponsorship contributions, established by the Board of Directors, are assessed according to the type of membership. Levels of membership/sponsorship include the following:

  1. SponsorshipThis funding option is open to both industry and non-industry organizations, associations, and institutions that want to demonstrate their support of the CGA’s mission. The financial contribution is recognized through prominent display of the Sponsor’s name on all appropriate materials produced by the CGA, and in meetings and educational programs administered by the CGA. 
  2. Corporate/Association/Government/Municipality: Corporate, Association and Government levels of membership provide all rights and privileges accorded to an individual member. Financial support of the CGA for the elevated level of membership is more than that for an Individual member; however, Corporate/Association/Government membership provides for multiple individual memberships to be registered under the corporate name. In addition at the elevated level of membership, company names are listed as supporting organizations on the CGA web site and in CGA materials including the Best Practices.
  3. Individual: The individual level was created to provide all stakeholders with an opportunity to join the CGA. Individual members have the right to vote for stakeholder representation on the Board of Directors. All Individual members have direct communication access to other CGA members. The Individual member also has access to all CGA resources, products and educational offerings. The Individual member is eligible to serve on working groups or committees as appointed by the Board of Directors.

Membership Dues

 Type of Membership

Annual Dues 

Number of Individuals Included


Platinum: $100,000
Gold:  $50,000
Silver:  $25,000
Bronze:  $11,000 (2016)



$2,500 (2017)


Association $3,000


Government/Municipality (Federal, State, Local) $1,000


Individual $100



Membership Stakeholder Categories

  • Electric
  • Engineering/Design
  • Equipment Manufacturer
  • Excavator
  • Gas Distribution
  • Gas Transmission
  • Insurance
  • Locator
  • Oil
  • One Call
  • Public Works
  • Railroad
  • Road Builder
  • State Regulator
  • Telecommunications
  • Emergency Services


Membership Benefits

Join the CGA to access the following benefits:  

  • Increase your understanding of damage prevention issues
  • Influence the work being done by CGA committees (Including Damage Reporting, 811, Best Practices)
  • Ensure your stakeholder group is well represented
  • Network with various industry experts
  • Demonstrate your commitment to damage prevention
  • Gain exposure to new technologies in research & development
  • Access CGA materials, reports and program information that is restricted to CGA membership
  • Benefit from member pricing on CGA publications and events

Thank you to Sponsors & Members

Thank you to our current sponsors and members for their consistent leadership and dedication to “shared responsibility” in damage prevention. The accomplishments of the CGA are made possible through the financial contributions of our sponsor and member community. To view a complete list of CGA sponsor companies, visit the sponsor page.  

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With unprecedented member support since our inception, the CGA has made great progress in elevating key safety and damage prevention initiatives throughout the United States and Canada.

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