811, the three-digit number to call before you dig, continues to make an impact on the damage prevention community, and you and your organization can help!  You can protect yourself, your business and your customers by incorporating the 811 logo into your existing campaigns or by downloading elements of the national awareness campaign.

The 811 logo is available in several approved versions and formats for member use. Please be sure to consult the 811 Graphic Standards Guide for a comprehensive set of instructions governing the use of the 811 logo and taglines. If you have any questions about 811 logo use, please email

After more than 10 of years DIRT data collection and annual reports, the Data Reporting & Evaluation Committee is making some significant revisions to the DIRT form to ensure it continues to provide value to damage prevention efforts.

The updated DIRT form will become effective on January 1, 2018. The first quarter of 2018 will be a transition period as 2017 data needs to be entered by March 31, 2018, while at the same time some data submitters may be entering 2018 data.

CGA's Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) program collects critical damage and event information, analyzing the numbers and producing targeted recommendations to damage prevention stakeholders about how to best protect buried facilities.

Throughout 2017, Cox Utility Services Inc. has partnered with the Common Ground Alliance to promote the 811 message of safety around the country on the co-branded 811 Hot Air Balloon. The effort was such a resounding success that they will continue the effort in 2018! The 811 Balloon will travel across the country raising awareness about underground damage prevention. CGA Members will have the opportunity to book a Balloon for an appearance at their event. The 811 Balloons are on a dedicated path and timeline.

Educating the public about 811 can be challenging because they cannot see the underground facilities we are all trying to protect.

To overcome this challenge, CGA worked in partnership with leading experiential marketing company Brightline Interactive to produce the 811 Virtual Reality (VR) Experience.

This custom-built software uses leading VR technology HTC Vive to allow people to enter a virtual world where they can see underground facilities that run under their virtual front yard.

The CGA Best Practices Guide is the original, and still most popular, industry resource for ensuring the safety of those who work or live near underground facilities.  The Best Practices manual includes more than 130 practices that cover all phases of the 811 process, agreed to by 16 stakeholder groups.  

The following toolkit is available to assist members and damage prevention stakeholders in using the Best Practices Guide and participating in the best practices process.  

The CGA has developed a series of educational videos and public service announcements (PSAs) to bring the safe digging message to life.

For the past several years, PHMSA has sponsored a poster contest for students in grades 4 – 6.   The purpose of the contest is to raise awareness about the importance of calling 811, the national “call-before-you-dig” number, before any digging project.   Students submit their posters and answer a few questions about 811 and safe digging.   A team of judges from PHMSA select the top 12 entries and those entries are used to produce a calendar/planner. 

The stakeholder advocacy toolkit incudes documents that are available to assist stakeholders in discovering best practices that have already been identified through the CGA, case studies describing legislative activities that have taken place recently in some states, a list of states that have current legislative activity indicated, as well as contact information for stakeholder groups that would be beneficial to engage in the process of building a legislative coalition with your state. 

North Carolina 811 brokered a partnership with national home improvement chain Lowe's to include 811 safe digging wraps around all of the trees it sells encouraging customers to always call 811 before digging, especially when planting their newly-purchased trees. Use the tools below to spread the word about this incredible partnership.

811 and Home Depot have collaborated to share the call before you dig message on all of the stores’ tree wraps nationwide! Georgia 811 secured this exciting partnership with the world’s largest home improvement store, which is debuting this 2018 growing season. Please use the tools below to spread the word about the 811-Home Depot partnership.

Inside this toolkit you will find two resources that have been specifically designed to educate fence builders on the benefits of contacting 811. The presentation and supporting 811 flyer has been vetted by the American Fence Association (AFA) as information that is significant and impactful to the fencing industry.

In this toolkit you will find a collection of all available CGA-produced info graphics. They are available for use and created from data from the DIRT Reports.

The CGA Data Reporting and Evaluation Committee, CGA staff and our new data analytics contractor, Green Analytics, are all hard at work putting the finishing touches on the 2017 Data Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) Report.

CGA will be releasing the report in September, but in the meantime, there was one data point that couldn’t wait until then.  

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